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PT Starks and film director Jay Wes link up for "City Lights"

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

PT Starks in a scene from "City Lights", in front of Washington Monument in Eakins Circle.

Film director, Jay Wes creates a classic visual for PT Starks' "City Lights"

Downtown Philadelphia shined a little brighter as native son, PT Starks used the area as a backdrop for his new music video. Produced by Nuk Beatz, "City Lights" features B.B.M. Sosa and has become a fan favorite from PT's album "Hennessy Nights". Accomplished director, Jay Wes of New Jersey works the camera as Starks narrates the night.

“I ain't never try to be another n**** that I couldn't be; They say 'Who keep(s) it a 100?', they look at me...” - PT Starks

Dope Visuals

PT flexes back and forth between chauffeured scenes with a vivacious model, shots of Hennessy and multiple locations throughout the night. Drawing a crowd, some onlookers were approached by BAU personnel to cease their own filming activities to prevent leaks of the visuals. A fun night full of dope visuals, PT Starks has another one on deck for the masses.

Click here to listen to "City Lights" by PT Starks on YouTubeMusic.

More film work by Jay Wes can be found here.


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