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"The Gift" gets an assist

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

D.O.E.BOY PHILLY enlists the services of a Dungeon Family dignitary as he wraps up "The Gift"

Early in the process of executive producing D.O.E.BOY PHILLY's upcoming project, "The Gift", D.O.E. and COO Ron Thompson of Business As Usual Entertainment, LLC discussed what they could do to take it over the top. After some conversation, the two were convinced that a poetic verse from the A-Town legend Big Rube would do the project justice.

“With the feel of this new material, we thought it would be dope to have Big Rube on the project...” - Ron Thompson, COO - Business As Usual Entertainment, LLC.

Big Rube comes thru with a powerful verse...

The team swung for the fences and put out an effort to enlist Big Rube's talents for the project. Although D.O.E. resides in Atlanta now, it still proved to be a challenge to catch up with the Dungeon Family poet. After a few attempts over a few months, the team all but gave up hope and moved forward with "The Gift" as is. Noticing that Big Rube's Instagram activity increased, D.O.E. decided to reach out one last time. This time, the tandem struck gold. After a few conversations with Thompson, Big Rube delivered a powerful poem that wrapped "The Gift" in gold foil.

"The Gift" by D.O.E.BOY PHILLY will be released on Business As Usual Entertainment, LLC in the late fall of 2018.

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