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The Hennessy Nights Experience

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

In-Studio premiere of PT Starks' "Hennessy Nights"

From the spectacle of that night’s session in the A -Room of Breed Studios, you would have never guessed that Lil Yacthy was performing two doors down at the Electric Factory. On this night, some of the Philadelphia area’s most talented and prominent individuals came out to be a part of the launch of a new star: PT Starks.

For the past 18 months, Starks and his team at Business As Usual Entertainment, LLC (BAU) crafted his premiere solo release “Hennessy Nights”. A sonically forward composition, “Hennessy Nights” has been a highly anticipated project in the music community. The album is adorned with eloquently composed interludes by JFK of the Ratchet Gxds (Kaydence) and production by Symphony (Charles Hamilton), The Tucker Brothers (Freeway), AStatus and others.

Area legends Benja Styles and Reed Dollaz were amongst the approx. 50 invited guests that packed Breed Studios for the event. The night was accentuated with a surprise live in-studio performance of the big record “Circle of Success”, produced by Nuk Beatz. The album “Hennessy Nights” is available on all major digital platforms. The album is also available via



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